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REVEALED: Why Shatta Wale Turned Down Coke Studio


Coke Studio has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to music-themed television shows. For starters, it’s non-competitive and we’ve seen collaborations that we never could have imagined before coming to life on the show. You would think that most artists in Africa would be keen to get involved on the high profile show but this week Shatta Wale made headlines when he turned down the opportunity to work on the show.

The Ghanaian dancehall star has been trending on social platforms after not only snubbing the show, but going public with his reasons.

Pulse Ghana reported that Shatta Wale rather explosively let it be known that he cannot work with just any artist; a response to being paired up with Yemi Alade on the show.

“I respect Yemi Alade too much but its not that i don’t want to do that thing (record) with her.Am not into Yemi Alade’s kind of music because we are both doing different style of music and i wouldn’t be comfortable doing any song with her. My team are still having a meeting with coke to see if there can be a change of things.”

The singer also added that he wasn’t willing to accept the money that Coke Studio offered for the deal, a reported $4,200.

“They first Offered me $ 4,000 and explained ” some of the artistes they have worked [with] accepted the same amount. But I told them if some artistes have taken it, I am different and I do not take delight in sitting on a plane. I always do business so I asked my management to talk to them and add some money. So they went and came back with $ 15,000. They spent about 1 and half years to draw this final conclusion.”

Do you think that Shatta Wale had some valid reasons for turning Coke down?


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