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Official: Shatta Wale debuts ‘Kakai’ video at #AfterTheStorm Album lunch

I bet you that no one and I mean no one knows what Shatta Wale is capable of doing the next day. After getting all the talks on the social about a said ‘fake adidas’ he wore in his video, he took that publicity to pull almost every single Ghanaian to watch ‘Bie Gya’ video in which he wore that particular fake attire.

Now fast forward, his album launch #AfterTheStorm was successfully executed by him and his management and oh yes it was a show that for a fact we can confirm from the grounds that indeed it was full of ‘Shattacitement’.

What more can one ask for after fans were desperately waiting for him on stage, he and his management gave us what we have been wanting more than Shatta Wale himself. It was the ‘Kakai’ video. Oh yes!! Guess you are sad you couldn’t attend but yes Shatta Wale did premier ‘Kakai’ Video for the first for his fans to watch.

Honestly I think that alone was enough for the fans because the excitement and the energy alone could at least put them to bed after watching ‘Kakai’ video without even getting Shatta Wale to be on the stage.

Well On this note, I guess I have been able to wet your appetite for ‘Kakai’ video so you know what keep refreshing www.afromirror.com as you will never know you might be the first lucky person to watch ‘Kakai’ video since you were not at the #AfterTherStorm. lol

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