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New Sex Trade Surfaces in South Africa (Blessers & Blesses)


A new sex trade, an indirect prostitution termed as ‘Blessers and Blesses’ has emerged in the former apartheid country, South Africa.

In this trade, a BLESSER (the man) posts job openings on the internet, radio or posters inviting interested BLESSES (the ladies) to respond to the adverts.

The Blesses, being the ladies make their requests and upon acceptance, the Blesser, being the man arranges for the exchange. The woman makes requests, usually huge sums of monies and/or material things.

Blessers, who are usually rich men accept the offer and therefore enjoy the pleasures the woman brings. This trade has been around for a long time and it sounds like it has been ‘blindly approved’ by the nation.

According to a Blesses who spoke to Onetainment.com, she usually goes in for this trade whenever she is broke to enable her cater for her kids.

“Yes I usually go to them when I need money. I make an offer, and definitely will get someone who is ready to pay. It helps me and my kids.” – she told onetainment.com.

When asked how much she makes, she responded that it depends on her needs. The last time she patronised, she made an amount of 3,000 rands.

When our team asked of the dangers, she said: ” No money comes easily but with this there’s no fears. Because all what they need is sex. There are few instances they may not give as you proposed, but it’s all good. As for HIV, I use Condoms so I’m ok”

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