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”If You Compare Me To Stonebwoy You Are A Village Boy” – Shatta Wale

shattastoneShatta Wale in a new video that surfaced online has tried to explain why he should not be compared to Stonebwoy and Samini.

The award winning act made it known his life was a prophesy.

“My whole life is a prophesy or you think I just woke up and bought a million dollar house? Shatta Wale asked. “In life if you are not focused, you cannot achieve anything. This year, no matter how things go I will buy one of my fans a car. Tell me which artist has done that. None of these artists think about you fans, they think about how to make their little money to go clubbing.”

Touching on negative comments on his social media timelines, the Kakai hitmaker revealed he was not interested in deleting negative comments on his timeline because he knew exactly where those comments were coming from.

“I don’t delete negative comments on my social media pages because I know some of you are fans of Samini, Stonebwoy and other acts…
If you compare me to Stonebwoy I see you to be a village boy and a fool. If you compare me to Samini, I take it that you don’t have sense.

“We are different people are all together. If there’s fire and I want to walk in it, those dogs can’t pass through it. In this world, you can’t claim you know better than anyone.” He concluded.

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