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5 things everyone hates about LAGOS!!!!

Lagos is known to be the most populous city in Nigeria, the second in Africa and the sixth most populous in the world. Being the centre of excellence, main pillar for entertainment and commerce, people still hate these 5 things about Lagos:

TRAFFIC: Lagos is known to be one of the largest cities in Africa, and so this attracts foreigners within and outside Nigeria to visit and most times settle there. But the issue of traffic is nothing to write home about, in areas like Mushin, Surulere, Ojuelegba, Ikeja and other commercial areas.

BAD ROADS: Traffic issues in Lagos can sometimes be linked to bad roads, you surely don’t want to use your posh cars on most roads in Lagos. NOISE: OMG! If you happen to be the kind that loves peace of mind and serenity, then Lagos is the last place you should think of staying at.

ELECTRICITY: NEPA! We all know the issue of electricity power supply in Las gidi.

CONGESTION: Everybody wants to be Lagos; they say it is where they meet great opportunities. And thus, the population keeps increasing. And we all know when a city suffers overpopulation, it suffers obstruction.

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